The Blogger

Hi! I’m Hazel, a Personal Blogger since 2011.

My love for blogging started when I found out that Tumblr is the only social media site I can access in our University’s computer lab.

Some blogs I owned are: stylehazel and hazelasoy

More about me?

I am a Criminology Professor, Registered Criminologist, Civil Service (Professional) passer, Certified Security Professional, and a Cyber Security Investigator. I eat, travel, and write during my free time. Yes, I’m always hungry and I laugh a lot (my students can prove that).

Behind “Wannderzel”

Wannderzel is the product of combining my two first names (Hazel Ann) with the words “wander” and “wonderful”. Wannderzel is a lifestyle blog about the things that tickle my fancy (travel, food, and personal stories)

If you want to know more, shoot an email at