Do you have those days when you feel like your feet are itching? That feeling when you want to go somewhere new but you’re too lazy to make a plan. 

Yes, I always feel that. 

I admit that I’m not good when it comes to planning my own trip. Actually, I dread creating an itinerary. I usually just pack my bags with the stuff I need for a day or two and head to my destination of choice. 

Yes, I’m that kind of traveler. Spontaneous. I prefer to go with the flow. 

So whenever my friends ask me to go out and travel, they have to deal with that spontaneous kind of traveler. 

No plans; just go!

Kai, Janjan, and I went on an unplanned trip to Alibijaban in San Andres, Quezon last November 2019.  Another unplanned trip that turned out to be a great adventure. 

Even though we don’t have a solid plan, we were able to experience Alibijaban at its finest. What’s even better is the fact that we got to enjoy a day away from stress with a limited budget. 


  • Van (from Lucena to San Andres)- 270php
  • Boat- 800php (back & forth)
  • Cottage- 500php (We stayed in G&D resort. )
  • Floating cottage- 200php per hour 
  • Water (wash up)- 150 per drum

Travel Tips

  • Bring your own foods. If you want to save, pack those canned goods or prepare your own meals. Of course, resort owners can cook food for you but it’s best to bring your own so you can avoid the hassle of the additional expense of having your foods cooked on the island. 
  • Manage your expectations. The island itself is pretty crowded by residents. Thus, the seashore is not as clean as what the pictures in social media portray. And aside from the existing community in Alibijaban, the continuously increasing number of tourists who visit the island contributes to the damage and trash you’ll see floating near the shores. 
  • Go in groups. You’ll spend less if you can go in a group of 5 or more. 
  • Mingle with the San Andresin. During our stay, the owner of G & D resort invited us to join a family member’s birthday party where we ate dinner, drank a bit, and sing a lot. It won’t hurt to mingle with the locals because they are so nice and welcoming. Even the tourists from the other cottage joined the fun. 

If you’re looking for a good place to visit with your friends or family once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, put Alibijaban on top of the list. You will enjoy the clear water once you’re in the floating cottage and you’ll feel the adrenaline once you’re ready to jump. 

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