The first quarter of 2020 is a whole rollercoaster on its own. From the death of an NBA legend, forest fire in the land down under, volcanic eruption, and the Covid19 pandemic. It was sad seeing all these happened right in front of our eyes. What’s even worst is the fact that we have a little to no control over these from happening at all.

DISCLAIMER: Before we head to MY OPINION, please know that I am in no way bashing or putting a blame on anyone. We’re all victims of the circumstances and the following are things that I can apply to my life. I’m just putting my thoughts out there as if it’s Tumblr in the year 2011.

  • Tomorrow is uncertain

No matter how rich, successful or happy you are, there’s one thing that is certain… tomorrow is uncertain. It may or may not come in our lives. Thus, we have to do the things we want to do NOW. If you want to do something and you’re perfectly capable to do so… do yourself a favor and do it, most especially if it’s something that can make you feel happier or fulfilled.

So long as you’re not hurting, causing harm to anyone, or breaking a law… DO IT! This may be the last time you can do it.

  • Following rules is easy unless it caused a negative impact in your life

Most towns in Luzon was put in a community quarantine since March 15. As usual, some instructions are not that clear. Thus, most people have the tendency to be anxious and a puzzled. I’ll be a hypocrat if I say that I didn’t panic. My mind is racing. How can we eat? How can I accomplish my tasks? How can I shop online? What will happen to our lives? Can we survive this pandemic? How about my sister who lives in a different town?  What if I don’t die from the pandemic but starve to death? Yes, those are some of the questions that bothers me. And I know that it may sound selfish and immature. I am completely aware of that.

But, we have to follow what the government asked us to do. But there’s a BIG BUT in everything. There are WHAT IFS…

Scenario (March 17) 

I asked my brother to accompany me to our school so I can get my students’ examination paper. While en route, I received a message instructing us that our school will no longer allow anyone to enter to avoid the possible spread of the virus. Even after receiving that message, I still asked my brother to drop me to school.

With hesitations, I approached the school guard, showed my employee ID and informed him that I’m just there to get the said papers. He checked our temperatures using a thermal scanner and my brother drove to our department. Yes, it was a successful mission. I was able to get the examination papers I needed.

Off to our next stop… the in-laws. They asked my sister-in-law to buy some vitamins since they’re a little anxious to go out.

However, when we arrived at the gates of the subdivision the guards no longer allowed us to enter as per the directives provided by the local government. As per the guards, they don’t know that my brother’s family also lives in that subdivision.

A little background though…

My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew lives with us. But they also live with the in-laws since my nephew don’t have a nanny who can take care of him during weekdays. 

And of course, that was very inconvenient for my brother who planned to take a bath and get some clothes from the house of the in-laws. It took a little over 15 minutes of commotion and a lot of negativity before my brother decided to just drop the vitamins and go.


It’s easy for us to say, “FOLLOW THE RULES” but if it causes inconvenience in our part, we run ammock! We go wild and we find ways to reason out why we shouldn’t follow the rules. We ask for exemptions! And it happens not just because of the community quarantine. It happens more often because we feel entitled. We feel that we’re higher than someone else. We feel that we need a special treatment.

It’s annoying to admit but I’ve been in such situation numerous times. No matter how much I want to follow rules and regulations, there are some that restricts my freedom… that slows down my progress to move forward and accomplish something.

-end of rant-

  • The world has its way of protecting itself

Us, humans, have been destroying the world for quite some time. We over utilize natural resources, we throw our trash wherever we want, and all that jazz. We’ve been destroying the world that we end up destroying ourselves. After Covid19 is over, it will not stop us from over utilizing the natural resources that we have. We will still throw away our trash wherever we want. We will still continue to do the things that will harm the environment (direct or indirect effect).


Once this Covid19 pandemic is over, I hope that we’ll be more mindful of the effects we’re leaving for the future generation.

This pandemic will come to an end and we’ll start a new life, a better one. For now… take care, folks! 

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