Twenty nineteen…what a wonderful year!

A year full of changes, realizations, and happiness. Genuine ones.

Twenty nineteen has come to its end but the joy it brought in my life will never end.

There’s something about twenty nineteen that I’m most thankful for… the blessing to be able to travel and visit new places and meet great people.

Here’s a quick rundown of where I’ve been this year.

Boracay (February)

My hard work paid off when I received a free 3D2N trip to Boracay incentive from the company I’ve been working with for the past one and a half years. I’m blessed to have mentors who spoil me with information and guidance I need to thrive in this *sometimes crazy* industry. In other words, I was chosen as one of the top performers for quarter one of 2019. 

Indeed, I will be forever grateful for getting the chance to go to a place like Boracay because I worked for a company or account who appreciates the value of having employees like me. 

Mt. Mamara and Tinipak River (March)

Being an independent adult can be pretty tough. We forget about going out with friends or savoring good food. Sometimes, we just forget that we have a good life outside our adult responsibilities. Thus, whenever a friend or colleague invites me to go on a spontaneous trip, NO is never an answer.

Read more about our trip- Mt. Mamara and Tinipak River: More Hugots than Hike 

Jomalig (May)

With over 7,000 islands, we’ll never run out of places to visit here in our beloved Philippines. Living in a province as rich as Quezon has a lot of perks. Aside from having the chance to taste flavorful dishes and delicacies (pansit habhab, longganisang Lucban, yema cake, pinagong, and more), Quezon is the home for amazing islands and one of which is Jomalig.

I can’t deny the fact that this Jomalig trip is the highlight of my year. Of all the trips I’ve been to this year, Jomalig tops the list. I will never get tired of telling everyone that Jomalig is one for the books. An island you should include in the travel bucket list.

Read  my blog about this golden sand island: Beautiful Jomalig Island

Hulugan Falls (May)

Waking up with nothing left to do and forced myself to go to some place I’ve never been before!

Nagpatong Rock (May)

I’m not a fan of going to the same place twice. But, if it’s for a cause, I’m up for it.

It was a spontaneous invite from one of my blogger friends, Ms. Pia of Visit Manila PH. I didn’t hesitate to say no knowing that this event aims to help refugees supported by UNHCR.

Aside from converting every step to help, I also got to meet and hike with Atom Araullo. He is the goodwill ambassador of UNHCR and he explained how we can help the refugees through UNHCR’s campaign.

Read more about 2 Billion Kilometers to Safety 

Mt. Gulugod Baboy (May)

 This is one of those trips that shouts, “WALANG PLANO, PERO TULOY TAYO!

One of my high school besties asked me if I have an upcoming trip and I decided to make one for her. So, we initially planned to go to Masasa Beach but it may be a little more expensive since it’s just the two of us.

We changed our plans and one of my classmates in MA joined in. The three of us head to Mt. Gulugod Baboy for a really short hike. Afterward, we head to the beachside in Anilao for a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters of Batangas.

Real (September)

One of my friends went to Quezon for a short vacation so I asked him to go to Real. To my surprise, he didn’t hesitate or think twice. Rather, he willingly offer to go to Real as soon as we can.

Mt. Pulag (October)

Last October, I had this wild dream that I’ll die a few days before my 24th birthday. But here I am, enjoying my life and the cold breeze of Amihan in Benguet! Prepping myself for yet another experience I won’t forget.

Back to that dream, it made me realize how short life can be. That’s why while I still live a good life, I’ll do the things I want to do! Not gonna hold back because of fear, judgment, or anything that may hinder me from doing what I want or what I want to pursue.

I’m in one of the happiest states of my life now! Truly, I’m blessed to have this kind of life. Nothing too fancy, enough to make me happy!

Moving forward, I’ll continue to live and love as if it’s my last chance in life.

Alibijaban Island (November)

If you’re looking for a good place to visit with your friends or family, put Alibijaban on top of the list. You will enjoy the clear water once you’re in the floating cottage and you’ll feel the adrenaline once you’re ready to jump. 

Where have you been this 2019?

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  1. Congrats to all the places you’ve been to this year. Hoping I can visit Jomalig Island. I’ve heard things about this place too. Soon, hopefully! Happy New Year, Hazel!

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