After four or five long and adventurous years in College, you are now ready to take another step to be closer to your dreams. But, are you really ready?
Most of the courses offered in the Philippines have licensure or board examination. Thus, most colleges and universities ensure that their students are intellectually equipped and ready to hurdle the challenges brought by the respective examination.
On the other hand, many students chose to enroll in different review centers to level up their chances of passing the exam. However, there are people like me who chose not to enroll in the review centers because of different reasons.Personally, I chose not to enroll because of the following reasons:

  • I find the tuition fee expensive. The review classes for criminology students last for three to four months and it costs more or less 10,000 PHP. It is still the cheapest rate but I’m a cheapskate at heart.
  • I don’t want to pressure myself. I’ve received too much pressure when I was still in college because most of my classmates and professors consider me as someone who can top the board exam. Hahaha! It’s flattering but it didn’t motivate me to study. #Sorry
  • I believe that my five-year stay at the University has already taught me enough. I firmly believe that the knowledge my professors shared can help me pass the exam. AND IT DID!

No matter what is the reason why you chose to self-review, here are some of the things I did and I hope these tips can help you pass too.

Tip # 1: Evaluate and know yourself

Before you start to read and review, make a little assessment. Take a few tests in different subjects to help you determine which subjects you’re good at and what needs more attention. You can also ask yourself the following questions:
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your favorite subjects?
  • What are the factors that might affect your review?
Evaluating yourself is a good starting point that will guide you to effectively manage your time when reviewing.

Tip # 2: Read and understand


The board examination is far different from class recitations. You don’t need to memorize anything. You can get tons and tons of reviewers but that stuff won’t work unless you understand everything. Whenever you read, make sure that you understand the context.

Tip # 3: Relax

Since I don’t have the money to enroll in a review center, I had the freedom to review whenever I want. My enemies back then are sleepiness, procrastination, and lack of focus. And to be honest, in the entire months that I’m reviewing, I spent more time doing household chores than reviewing. Plus, I always use my phone to scroll down nonsense news and memes in the newsfeed. Instead of feeling guilty, I used that as a form of relaxation. When you’re reviewing, you don’t have to spend all of your time. You just need to be smart in using your time.

Review smarter, not harder!

Tip # 4:  Start early

If you want to pass the board exam, allot at least three months of review. If you want to top the board exam, start reviewing the moment you enrolled as a first-year student.

Tip # 5: Pray and ask God’s guidance

No matter what is your religious belief, praying and asking for guidance from the Creator is truly important. You don’t need to be a hypocrite who always went to the church and ask for something in return. What you need is a sincere heart who trusts His blessings and ways.A little bit of the “more personal” story…

I quit my job as a web content writer and team leader on July 27, 2016, because I need to allot the months of August to October to prepare for the licensure examination. It was my personal decision to quit since the job is totally unrelated to the board exam. On July 29, 2016, I received a message from a strange Facebook account telling me that “she is my (ex) boyfriend’s other girlfriend”. These two events had a big impact on my life. Of course, the latter is worst as it really affects me! BIG TIME! I remembered those days when I’m reviewing that I’m actually crying. I can’t even focus on what I’m doing.
In short, the whole duration of my review, I am depressed and stressed. Actually, I questioned myself if I can pass the exam. I even tried to psyche myself that I don’t need to take the exam by running away. During those dark days of my life, I learned to trust my skills and God’s powers. Luckily, I surpassed all the challenges that came my way and I passed the board exam. Now, it’s my turn to fulfill my promise to God that I will help other people to pass no matter how small my contributions may be. So, during my free time, I post questions in a Facebook group and I share the reviewers I have.

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