This isn’t the first time you encountered a post discussing the pros and cons of traveling on your own. But I wanted to add to the long list of blog posts you’ll see in the pages of the search engines. 

Last January 2018, I filed a vacation leave just to consume the points I got for my 6 months of stay in the company. I filed a leave just for fun. I don’t even have a legit reason to file it but I opt to choose “soul searching”. Lo and behold, my vacation leaves were approved. 

Fast forward to that day, I don’t know where I’m going. I originally wanted to go to Jomalig but I’m too coward to go on my own and ride a boat for a hefty 4 hours. So, I decided to go to the next best destination possible- Real, Quezon. I also posted about my 24-Hour trip in Real, in case you want to know what happened there. 

Without further ado, here are the pros and cons of traveling solo that I personally experienced.

  • Some people will think that they can take advantage of you

When I went to Real, I’m lucky enough that the place was not pretty swamped with tourists and travelers. Actually, I owned the resort where I stayed. However, in the cottages next to it, there’s a family having their reunion and some men are drunk as they could be. 

I stayed in a cottage while the resort owner is pitching the tent for me. And even after setting up the tent, I stayed in that cottage because I’m busy taking photos around the area. 

While I’m enjoying the heat of the afternoon and writing some stuff in my journal, I guy approached me and wants to know my name. I was pretty shocked because he’s really drunk and his eyes are blood-red due to alcohol intoxication. At first, I don’t know how to react and I don’t want to overreact. It’s weird to engage with drunk strangers. Maybe his intentions are just to be friends, maybe his intention is to harm me. I don’t actually know. But this encounter made me realize that a stranger is only capable of doing the two.

  • They’ll make you feel like you’re a broken-hearted girl in this lovely world

Most, if not all, have this thinking that if a girl travels on her own, she’s healing a broken heart. Am I right?

It can happen from time to time. I actually went to the beach on my own a few weeks after my ex and I broke up. It feels liberatingly happy to go out on your own, most especially when you’re single. 

Personally, I prefer traveling on my own because I’m learning how to be independent and accountable for what I do.

When you travel alone, people think you’re lonely. And that’s alright, my friend! What matters most is what you feel. Whether you’re lonely and healing a broken heart or you just want to enjoy your day, go out and have fun. Don’t let the world define what you should feel. 

  • Your parents/ relatives might hinder you from traveling

The morning before I go to Real, my mother kept on asking me, “Sino kasama mo?” and I always say, “Wala nga”. She never believed me. And if she did, she will not allow me to go on my own. For sure, she will convince my father to text me and make threats for me not to go alone.

That’s the beauty of being raised in a pure Filipino family. Your parents will care about you even when you’re of legal age or even if you’ve reached the ripe age. 

For me, this is the number one pro-slash-con and I’m good with this one. 

  • You’ll feel lost (literally and figuratively)

I love spontaneous trips. My sister knew that. Recently, she slapped me with my spontaneity and told me that, “Ganyan ka naman mag-plano, walang plano!

To be honest, I love and hate myself for being in love with the idea of spontaneity. 

I love it because it shows how flexible I can be. But I hate it because I’ll end up spending more than what I budgeted for that trip.  I’m working on it, but for now, 

I’m enjoying spontaneity at its finest.

  • You’ll know yourself better and you’ll learn to face your fears

I don’t like traveling. Yes, that’s right! I hate buses because I grew up puking whenever I rode a bus. It’s turning into something different now. I enjoy riding buses and I even survived long rides (Manila to Baguio/ Benguet, Lucena to Real, Manila to Nueva Ecija). I never knew that I’ll be able to come to the point in life that I will enjoy long rides. 

Aside from disliking long bus rides, I also hate being alone. I’m a self-confessed introvert. When I’m still in a relationship, I would always ask my ex to accompany me wherever I want or need to go. Everything changed when we broke up. Well, I like to go out alone more often. I enjoy my own company. I love the freedom of going out and not caring about a travel partner. 

Have you tried traveling on your own? If so, what was your most unforgettable solo travel moment/s?

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