Mt. Ulap, a popular hiking peak for beginners and even professional hikers. A mountain strategically located 40 minutes away from the famous Burnham Park with a height of 1846 MASL and requires a few hours of “pabebe” hike.
When my friend, Damsel, invited me to come with her on a joiners tour, I clearly don’t have any idea about Mt. Ulap but I said yes to the invitation. You know, I trust Damsel so much and I know she won’t disappoint me with this one. She also invited our baby girl, Jae. We’re workmates and teammates and they are the ones I supported when they joined the Team Ramon Cult.
It’s the usual night in February when we met in the favorite meet up place of people from the south- Starmall Alabang. It took a little around 2 hours of waiting to complete a team of four.
Then, we started the journey of going to the main meet up place somewhere in Makati. We also ate our all-time Pinoy favorite Jollibee dinner while waiting for the other joiners. The whole wait time takes around 4 or 5 hours because we have to go to NAIA to fetch a couple of joiner from Davao.
Yes, we did wait a lot during this trip. Like, a whole lot. Anyways, it helps us to chill and sleep in the van while waiting. Also, Jae came directly from work and school so she needs to rest and sleep while we’re waiting.
Since this trip came to life a few months back, the trip going to the location turned into a blurry piece of memory. I don’t remember if I enjoy the van ride going to Benguet. Maybe because I’m asleep most of the time.
We arrived in Mt. Ulap drop off point around 7:00 AM in the morning. It’s a cold, sunny and chilly day in Benguet. Yes, I remember that part because I love that kind of weather. It’s a perfect day to go out and hike!
We started the hike pretty slow. Duh! This one’s a pabebe hike, right? No!

The Harkor Girls of Mt. Ulap

Damsel, Jae and I have a few things in common. We are adventure-lovers, goal digger and loves food too much and that’s what binds us more than the other members of Team Ramon.
As we go higher, our adrenaline rush is going stronger and our competitive selves are emerging. Our pace becomes faster. Our steps become bigger.
We started hiking as if a pot of gold is waiting at the summit. Of course, during the course of the hike, we made a lot of memories, shared stories, took a bunch of photos and ate a lot of good foods (thanks, Damsel! U DA BES)

These Harkor Girls are way ahead of the other joiners. We hike as if we’re as strong as the tour guides but complaints like a baby (Well, I’m the only one who complains a lot. This is not a pabebe hike).

Facts about Mt. Ulap

LLA: 16.2904 N, 120.6312 E, 1846 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3 hours
Specs: Difficulty 3/9
Trail class: 1-3

Meet me at the Summit

Am I the only one who regrets going on a hike when in the middle of the trail?
Fast forward to the time we reached the summit is a total relief. I felt like a champion. A lotto winner. I conquered another mountain. Yes, this girl reached the summit of Mt. Ulap even if she wants to quit and roll back to the drop-off point because she can no longer step her feet.
We took some photos with the group. Enjoyed the heat of the scorching sun. Slept in the grassy fields in the summit. Yes, we hiked 1846 MASL to sleep. Nothing fancy! An hour in the summit is enough to be a reward. We’re ready to roll and go back to the bustling ground.
Usually, I don’t enjoy the trail going down. It’s slippery and I’m a human with a little to less sense of balance. Gravity pulls me down and I have the tendency to let it do its thing. But, this one is different. The trail is dry and the view is equally perfect as it is going up the summit. Plus, the weather becomes a little colder and the sun is starting to lessen its efforts. In short, I enjoyed the reverse.
Praises to all the locals we met along the trail. They’re really nice and polite. They make the hikers and tourists feel that everyone is welcome.
My Mt. Ulap experience is another moment worth remembering. The good weather, the safe trip and the best friends I hiked with. This trip will never happen again because Jae past away last summer 2018. But, the memories we shared will stay forever. Soon, I will go back to Mt. Ulap and I may not be with the Harkor girls anymore but this place will always be remembered as the best mountain with great memories.

Cheers to reaching the summit! Cheers to the friendship we’ll remember forever! 

What’s the most memorable trip you had with your friends?

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