They say unplanned trips are the best because planned trips usually never happen. Sad to say, it’s true for most of us. Imagine taking hours or weeks to plan out an itinerary and save a few bucks to make that trip happen. But, you will wake up receiving messages from friends that they can’t make it.

Yes, I experienced that most of the time. There are times that I myself would like to cancel the plan. 

Anyways, I’m becoming more and more responsible for my trips lately. I’m trying to avoid going on unnecessary trips because I’m spending most of my money to attend seminars and training. So, when my high school friend invited me to go on a hike, I know I should give it a try considering that I haven’t had any hikes this 2019.

Originally, I want to go to Mt. Pinagbanderahan in Batangas. But my friend prefers to go to Rizal so I just go with the flow. That’s an unplanned trip, to be honest!

I just got off from night shift and I don’t have the luxury of time to create a solid itinerary. Of course, I didn’t let Pat notice that. This kid knows how to act as if she can handle life.

So, from Farmer’s Plaza in Cubao, we rode a jeepney bound to Cogeo. He’s teasing me because I pronounced “koh gyo” as “koh ge yow” and it sounds conyo.

We arrived in Cogeo at around 10:30 and I still feel lost. We’re not sure what time can we reach our supposed destination and if we’re heading in the right direction. We just followed our guts and rode another jeepney bound to Sampaloc.

Boy, it was a long ride! We arrived there at around 12 noon and ask the tricycle drivers which is the best option since it’s too late to go for a semi-major hike. The driver suggested Mt. Mamara (that’s the first time I heard about it). Before heading to the jump-off point, I went to the nearest ATM and 7/11 to buy some Gatorade (it’s a must-have whenever I hike).

Off we go…

Here’s to another long trip but definitely shorter than the jeepney ride from Cogeo to Sampaloc.

We arrived in the jump-off and registration area at 12:30 pm and Kuya Greg, our tour guide, started with a bit of reminder. He also asked us to choose between Mt. Mamara and Mt. Daraitan.

Of course, this sleepless little girl chose the easiest way to the top. 

Before reaching the main jump-off point, we rode another tricycle until we reached Tinipak river. It was as majestic as it looks in the photos I saw on Facebook. I wish I have more energy to take photos and explore the stone tops.

*photo taken in Tinipak River and that's my travel buddy for the day, Pat!*

Going to Mt. Mamara is undoubtedly challenging and slippery. We have to stop every now and then because of the trail. Yes, it was really challenging and I thought I will collapse any minute (due to lack of sleep). But, unlike my previous hikes, I can say that I felt a little stronger. That’s not surprising because I did a fair share of physical activities and jogging throughout the week though I still complaint constantly. No, I complained a lot!

It was one of those hikes that we hear more hugots and life tips from Kuya Greg until we reached the top. Oh, how I love being on top of the mountains. My fear of heights is pulling me not to go but I was able to defeat it one more time


Overall, it was a good hike that took one and a half hour with countless breaks. 

The way down is equally challenging but it’s easier than expected. We got back to Tinipak River just in time to enjoy 40 minutes of free time to swim and let all our worries away. We just sat there listening to each other’s stories of love, heartbreak, and life in general.

Special thanks to Kuya Greg for pushing us to reach the summit of Mt. Mamara
What went down during our epic hike in Tanay, Rizal?

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